Outsulation® PE System Installation Details (DS846)

A Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen Exterior Insulation and Finish System Utilizing Standard Dryvit Products

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Outsulation PE System OSPE 0.0.01
Building Facade OSPE 0.0.02
EPS Insulation Board Layout OSPE 0.0.03
Outside Corner - EPS Insulation Board Layout OSPE 0.0.04
EPS Insulation Board - Groove Pattern OSPE 0.0.05
Dryvit Vent Assembly ™ OSPE 0.0.06
Compartment Seperation OSPE 0.0.07
Dryvit/Tremco AWRB Application OSPE 0.0.08
Opening Preparation - Dryvit AquaFlash® System or Tremco ExoAir 230 OSPE 0.0.09
Opening Preparation - Tremco Dymonic 100/Dryvit Backstop® OSPE 0.0.10
Opening Preparation - Dryvit Backstop® NT™at Head and Jamb Option OSPE 0.0.11
Opening Flashing Integration - Dryvit AquaFlash® System OSPE 0.0.12
Opening Flashing Integration - Tremco Dymonic 100 or Dryvit Backstop Option OSPE 0.0.13
Foundation OSPE 0.0.14
Termination at Concrete OSPE 0.0.15
Head/Sill OSPE 0.0.16
Jamb OSPE 0.0.17
Parapet - Steel Framed with Metal Coping OSPE 0.0.18
Parapet - Solid Substrate with Metal Coping OSPE 0.0.19
Parapet - Solid Substrate with Metal Coping - Tremco ExoAir 110AT with Dymonic 100 Option OSPE 0.0.19a
Soffit/Fascia Intersection OSPE 0.0.20
Inside/Outside Corners OSPE 0.0.21
Inside/Outside Corners - Tremco Dymonic 100 OSPE 0.0.21a
Outside Corner - High Impact OSPE 0.0.22
Horizontal Expansion Joint OSPE 0.0.23
Horizontal Slip Joint OSPE 0.0.24
Vertical Expansion Joint Options OSPE 0.0.25
Structural Expansion Joints - Dryvit Aquaflash� System Option OSPE 0.0.26
Structural Expansion Joints - Tremco Dymonic Simple Seal Option OSPE 0.0.26a
Minor Penetrations OSPE 0.0.27
Major Penetrations OSPE 0.0.28
Sign Attachment OSPE 0.0.29
Aesthetic Reveals OSPE 0.0.30
Projecting Reveals OSPE 0.0.31
Recessed Graphics OSPE 0.0.32

Dryvit makes no representation regarding conformity of its suggestions to model building codes, engineering criteria, specific applications or project locations. All components indicated in illustrations, as well as others that may be required for the integrity of the system shall be designed, detailed and engineered by representatives of the architect, owner or contractor to be in conformance with model codes, architectural and engineering requirements pertaining to specific building projects.

Dryvit makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the architectural design, engineering or workmanship of projects utilizing Dryvit systems or products.

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