Fedderlite® Panel System Details (DS113)

Prefabricated, Lightweight, Outsulation ® Exterior Wall Panels with Integrated Reinforcing Channels

Set of Fedderlite Panel Details (PDF) PDF File
Set of Fedderlite Panel Details (DWG) DWG File
Detail Cover Sheet PDF File
Detail Table of Contents PDF File

Table of Contents

Detail Name PDF File
Fedderlite Channel and Mounting Plate FL-01
Panel System FL-02
Panel System - High Impact Option FL-03
Panel Vertical Joint- Staggered Channel Option FL-04
Back View - Staggered Channel Option FL-05
Panel Vertical Joint - Aligned Channel with Mounting Plate Option FL-06
Back View - Aligned Channel with Mounting Plate Option FL-07
Panel Vertical Joint - Back Fastened Method FL-08
Back View - Back Fastened Option FL-09
Adhesive Attachment Methods for Panels Less than 4'-0" Wide FL-10
Adhesive Attachment Methods for Panels Greater than 4'-0" Wide FL-11
Fastening Methods - Field of Panel FL-12
Horizontal Shiplap Joint with Drainage FL-13
Horizontal Joint with Drainage FL-14
Horizontal Shiplap Joint FL-15
Horizontal Joint FL-16
Parapet FL-17
Foundation at Grade - Flush Substrate FL-18
Foundation at Grade - Recessed Substrate FL-19
Head FL-20
Jamb FL-21
Sill FL-22
Transition at Fascia/Soffit Intersection - Insulated FL-23
Transition at Fascia/Soffit Intersection - Uninsulated FL-24
Typical Aesthetic Reveals FL-25
Termination at Dissimilar Materials FL-26
Inside Corner Joint FL-27
Outside Corner Joint FL-28
Inside Corner Panel FL-29
Outside Corner Panel FL-30
Face Fastening to Solid Substrate FL-31
Face Fastening to Solid Substrate FL-32

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