Woodgrain Finish

The look and feel of wood, the performance of Dryvit™

With Dryvit’s woodgrain finish techniques, you can incorporate all the rich tones and textures of real woodgrain into your building’s aesthetic — and also get the superior weatherability, durability and energy efficiency of a Dryvit Outsulation system.

Dryvit Outsulation systems deliver the latest in building science for buildings, resulting in operational energy efficiency, cost-effective construction, and low maintenance, low embodied energy building envelopes.

Features & Benefits:
  • Durability: will never rot, and highly-resistant to color fading thanks to Dryvit StratoTone® colorant technology
  • Eliminates the need to piece together potentially incompatible air barriers, insulation and expensive wood-look veneers
  • Pair with Dryvit Outsulation Systems to include air, water, vapor and thermal barriers
  • Can be applied in the field — or prefabricated into panels to maximize consistency and eliminate weather delays
  • Can also be direct-applied to solid substrates like stucco, precast/tilt-up or Nudura™ insulated concrete forms (ICFs)
  • Complete, monolithic wall assembly from a single source
  • Cost-effective construction
  • Can be used in combination with Tremco™, Nudura™ and Willseal™ products — and be covered under an industry-leading single-source warranty: “The Power of One”