Backstop™ NT-Texture

A high performance, non-cementitious water-resistive membrane and air barrier

Backstop NT- Texture is a flexible, polymer-based, non-cementitious, water-resistive barrier, that when properly installed prevents water penetration and eliminates air infiltration. Backstop NT used with AquaFlash™ and AquaFlash Mesh, provides an effective water-resistant protective membrane for exterior rated sheathings and other approved substrates. Backstop NT has been engineered to be versatile and easy to apply. Backstop NT is also approved for use behind ALL cladding types (See DSC 268 for more details on using Backstop NT and AquaFlash behind claddings other than EIFS.)

Once fully cured, Backstop NT can be left exposed to the elements for 30 days. It can be applied with a trowel, roller or sprayed and backrollered. Coverage may vary slightly depending on application technique and substrate. A minimum of two coats must be applied over CMU and concrete. Troweled over OSB, exterior grade plywood and exterior cement board, coverage is approximately 91 m (300 lf) for covering joints, and 23-28 m² (250-300 ft²) when covering the face, per 27 kg (60 lb) pail. Troweled over concrete and masonry, coverage is approximately 16.7 m² (180 ft²). Spray and roller coverage will vary greatly dependent upon tool specifications, substrate and application technique.

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