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A complete family of architectural wall coatings designed to meet any performance,
application, aesthetic or budget requirement.

Demandit® Advantage, Demandit® Smooth and Demandit® Sanded:

Extend the life of re-coated surfaces + dirt pickup, mold and mildew resistant

Demandit Advantage, Demandit Smooth and Demandit Sanded are durable, 100% acrylic coatings ideal for a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces. Offered in various standard and custom colors, these Demandit solutions contain the most effective ingredients available to help resist mold and mildew growth.

Each Demandit solution offers its own unique look:

Demandit Advantage provides satin sheen finish
Demandit Smooth provides a texture-free finish
Demandit Sanded provides a textured finish
Features and Benefits:
  1. 1100% acrylic formulation extends the life of re-coated surfaces
  2. 2Dirt Pickup Resistance & Proven Mildew Resistant keeps your exterior walls cleaner, longer
  3. 3Vapor-permeable: will not trap moisture vapor
  4. 4Can be applied by brush, trowel or sprayer
  5. 5Cleans quickly and easily with only water
Common Applications:
  • New Construction & Renovation
  • Refurbish EIFS
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Stucco
  • Wood
  • Primed metal and more
Available Colors:

Demandit Advantage, Smooth and Sanded are each available in over 250 vibrant, fade-resistant finishes. Plus, they are all backed by our StratoTone colorant technology five-year fade-resistant warranty.

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Weatherlastic® Smooth

Maximum crack resistance in low-temperature environments

Weatherlastic Smooth is a water-based elastomeric wall coating that is easily applied with an airless spray or roller. Based upon a 100% acrylic, copolymer elastomeric resin, Weatherlastic Smooth provides excellent elongation and flexibility at low temperatures, resists mildew growth and dirt pickup and is highly chalk-resistant.

Features and Benefits:
  1. 1Elastomeric formulation bridges hairline cracks
  2. 2Dirt Pickup Resistance (DPR) means walls stay cleaner longer
  3. 3Mildew-resistant
  4. 4Plasticizer-free with low-temperature flexibility for maximum crack-resistance
  5. 5Smooth, waterproof coating
Common Applications:
  • Recommended as a waterproof coating on properly prepared concrete
  • Masonry
  • EIFS
  • Stucco substrates
Available Colors:

To deliver the perfect color for your projects, Weatherlastic Smooth comes in over 250 vivid, easy-to-achieve, fade-resistant finishes. And thanks to our StratoTone colorant technology, a five-year fade-resistant warranty is provided to give you peace of mind.

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