Cement Board MD™

An Exterior Finish System Applied Over Exterior Cement Board With a Water-Resistive Barrier and Moisture Drainage

Cement Board MD™ Highlights

Cement Board MD Finish System is applied over approved sheathing substrates in residential and low-rise commercial applications when continuous insulation is not required. The exterior cement board meeting ASTM C 1325 (by others) and fasteners (by others) are applied over Dryvit MD Spacers™ (drainage medium), Dryvit Backstop® NT™ or other code approved water-resistive barrier and approved exterior sheathing.

  • Water-Resistive Barrier
  • Moisture Drainage
System Components:
  • Base Coat
  • Backstop® NT Air/Water-Resistive Barrier
  • MD Spacers™
  • AquaFlash® Flashing System
  • Mesh
  • Finish