Outsulation® MD System

An Exterior Insulation and Finish System With Engineered Moisture Drainage That Incorporates Continuous Insulation and An Air/Water-Resistive Barrier.

Outsulation MD System Highlights


The Outsulation MD system provides three lines of defense against water intrusion: (1) reinforced base coat; (2) our specially-designed, grooved EPS with vent assembly; and (3) Backstop® NT air/water-resistive barrier and AquaFlash® flashing system for wall openings.

  • Moisture Drainage
  • High-Performance Exterior Insulation
  • Reinforced Base Coat
  • Specially-Designed, Grooved EPS Board
  • Drainage Track and Vent Assembly
  • Air/Water-Resistive Barrier
  • Waterproof Flashing Material
  • Warranty