Tuscan Glaze™

100% Acrylic Custom Antique Stain

Tuscan Glaze is a tintable acrylic stain that can be applied to acrylic or elastomeric Dryvit finishes, providing an "old world" or "antique" look.

Tuscan Glaze is used as an antique stain to simulate century old plaster and was designed to obtain a faux or "mottled" appearance on Dryvit finishes. Tuscan Glaze works best when applied over fine aggregate finishes, such as Freestyle®, Lymestone™ and Weatherlastic® Adobe. It is available in 12 standard colors.

  • Standard colors
  • Can be applied over various textures
  • 100% acrylic
  • Consistent formulas
  • Customize the look you want
  • Easy to use