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Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels by Drvyit: Sustainably Designed for New Construction and Renovation Projects


Our Panelized Solutions

Avoid weather-related construction delays by reducing material and labor costs with Dryvit prefab panels.

Get any desired look with metal and EIFS panels that replicate brick, stone, granite, and more.

Metalite® 8000

Drained/Back-Ventilated Rainscreen Aluminum Composite Material System

Metalite® 8000 is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics that streamlines the construction process without compromising on quality. This hassle-free system offers a seamless combination of visual appeal, quick installation, low maintenance, and lightweight construction.


Panelized Outsulation® System with Air/Water-Resistive Barrier

Get unmatched versatility with Outsulite® panels, which can be configured to any shape and are engineered by the panel fabricator to meet all building code requirements. At about 8 pounds per square foot, Outsulite panels offer a superior alternative to conventional exterior wall systems.


Prefabricated Exterior Wall Insulation & Finish System

Fedderlite® offers a flexible panel system ideal for new builds or retrofits. With options for adhering or mechanical fastening, these ultra-lightweightpanels (about 2.5 pounds per square foot) feature embedded reinforcement channels in continuous insulation, facilitating handling and mechanical wall attachment.

Fedderlite® MP

Engineered Panels with a Proprietary Metal Deck

Fedderlite® MP uses Dryvit Outsulation® over a specially designed, proprietary light-gauge metal pan. Weighing around 4.5 pounds per square foot, these panels are perfect for pre-engineered metal buildings, warehouses, mechanical screens, and retrofit construction. The lightweight design works well on screen walls and irregular surfaces, offering enhanced efficiency.

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