100% Acrylic-Based Finish with the Appearance of Limestone Blocks

Lymestone finish is a premixed 100% acrylic based coating and is offered in standard colors as well as custom colors. Lymestone finish is designed to replicate the appearance of limestone blocks. Lymestone provides the finishing touch that adds lasting color and texture to exterior and interior walls. Lymestone finish with DPR (dirt pickup resistant) chemistry will remain cleaner longer after application.

Lymestone finish is a  durable architectural finish, which provides surface color and texture for Dryvit systems. It is also suitable for interior applications. Lymestone can also be applied over properly prepared substrates such as masonry, stucco, precast or cast-in-place concrete and other approved substrates. Lymestone finish is trowel applied.

  • Realistic cut stone aesthetic
  • Lightweight
  • DPR chemistry
  • Vapor permeable
  • Inexpensively emulates cut stone
  • Reduces structural demands for exterior façade
  • Resistant to dirt pick up
  • Will not trap moisture vapor