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EIFS cladding building

EIFS: The Durable, Energy-Efficient Cladding Solution

Perhaps no modern exterior cladding can claim the multitude of benefits an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) can. The cladding has become a top choice for exteriors as it relates to aesthetics and energy efficiency. But the benefits aren’t restricted solely to curb appeal and utility bills. Read this Infographic for an in-depth look at EIFS features and benefits.

A large orb-like building structure

The Sphere Made Possible with Exterior Wall Panels

Discover how Dryvit's EIFS panels played a key role in creating The Sphere, the world's largest spherical structure, in Las Vegas. Innovative offsite construction with Dryvit's Outsulite prefabricated panels provided a streamlined solution for the geometric complexities, project timescales, and heavy daily foot traffic of this groundbreaking venue.

A residential building with brick cladding

Choosing an Exterior Finish: 6 Options for New Architects to Consider

New architects should understand various exterior finishes and how they can accommodate the building owner's sustainability, design, and budgetary needs.

A residential building with yellow Dryvit Exterior panels

2024 Color Trends for Building Facades

If you’re looking to add color to your building façade, check out these 2024 color trends and their accompanying Dryvit architectural finishes.

A skyline view of the city of Cleveland

The Building Owner's Guide to Starting a Deep Energy Retrofit

This blog post offers insight for property owners and industry stakeholders surrounding the initial steps of undertaking a deep energy retrofit project to restore a building and increase its energy efficiency.

Two construction workers speaking with one another

Offsite 101

Learn about how to incorporate off-site construction and prefabrication into your next building restoration or new build. From exterior wall panels to full modular units, there's an off-site approach to suit any project.

Multicolor buildings

Exterior Building Color Trends for 2023

Transform your residential or commercial building with new paint, acrylic finishes or a panelized cladding system using these exterior design trends.