ReVyvit™ Solution 5ci (continuous insulation)

What it is

ReVyvit Solution 5ci (continuous insulation) involves overcladding an existing non-EIFS structure with our prefabricated Outsulation® systems. Both Fedderlite® and Metalite® prefabrication system options provide:

  • improved energy efficiency
  • lower heating and cooling costs
  • compliance with current energy and building codes
  • an attractive new finish
  • impact resistance

When to use it

ReVyvit Solution 5ci (continuous insulation) can be utilized directly over an existing non-EIFS structure or in a situation when the original cladding has been removed. It uses prefabricated Outsulation® panels, as opposed to the field application process used for the 3ci and 4ci Solutions. Prefabricated panels can offer significant advantages for renovations that must be completed quickly or in less-than-ideal weather or project site conditions.

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