ReVyvit™ Solution 6

What it is

ReVyvit Solution 6 (formerly known as DryvitCARE®) is used to restore an EIFS wall to its original beauty. It uses products that are specifically designed to renew or restore existing EIF systems. ReVyvit Solution 6 addresses:

  • sealants, flashing, expansion joints and damage to the wall
  • cleaning and recoating
  • refinishing or overcladding
  • building performance optimization
  • building cladding warranty renewal

When to use it

ReVyvit Solution 6 can give you more than a great-looking, energy-efficient structure. When used on a building that already has an Outsulation® system, a renewed system warranty is available, which helps you protect and preserve the beauty, efficiency, and durability of your exterior wall system through routine maintenance.

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Solution 6 Carbondale City Hall Carbondale Il Sm
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